I had no job and I was about to be homeless because I couldn’t afford to pay my rent any more. Nothing was going according to plan and I was now in full panic mode. My landlady had said she had some family members coming over and we had to vacate the house. The problem was to move into a new house would cost so much more than living in the same place paying rent weekly. To rent a new house, you have to pay from two to four weeks rent as bond and pay two weeks rent upfront. This was going to cost me a lot of money I didn’t have.

I had one week left in my current house and was still applying for jobs. I had attended several interviews that had gone nowhere, stopped by different stores to drop my resume but got no response yet. I had been pondering all week what I was going to do. My last resolve was to call home but I didn’t want to because I felt requesting for that much money wasn’t going to be very convenient for my parents to give. I had a friend in church who usually asked me how everything was going. She would ask me about my job situation and my rent issue. I had let slip to her that I had one week left before I ran out of money and she told me she would get back to me. I didn’t think she was going to give me money because she worked as a hairdresser in a salon that didn’t pay much.

As a christian, I had prayed severally and ran out of things to say to God. But just before the end of the week, I received a call from another lady who attended the same church. She told me someone had told her I was going through a rough patch and she wanted to know how she could help. She asked me specifically to say what I needed at the moment. I didn’t hesitate to tell her I needed a place to stay. Apparently, she was moving into a new apartment and she told me she would talk to her landlord to know if her rent rate was going to increase if I joined. It did.

I like to look back on this moment as one of divine intervention for me because it could have ended up not so well. I could have gotten a firsthand answer to the questions I had about being homeless and sleeping on the streets. I moved in with my new friend on Sunday which meant I had to pay $30 for the extra night I spent at my former house.

My new house was located the western suburbs, Wentworthville precisely. It was a duplex. The sitting room, kitchen, laundry and a half bath were downstairs while the three bedrooms were upstairs. One room had an ensuite and was occupied by the guy who leased the apartment and my friend and I occupied a room and shared a bathroom with the other tenant. We were altogether four Africans living in the house, two males and two females.

I didn’t just get a home to live in, I got a lifelong friendship as well.

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