Five Job Searching Tips for New Migrants

Getting a job after moving to a new country may prove to be more difficult than presumed. This may be due to lack of appropriate information or not being familiar with the procedures of searching and applying for your desired job. Here are five tips to help smoothen the transition process.

  1. Resume/CV: A resume/cv is a document that contains a summary of your skills, work experience and education. It is a briefly summarises your qualifications and suitability for a job you wish to apply for. Different countries have different resume formats however, there are similar information that cuts across all formats. Most countries do not need impersonal information like your gender or date of birth because they aren’t necessary information needed to determine your employability. Although they may come into play during the interview.A standard CV must contain the following information:
    • Name: This includes your first name and last name. If your first name is complex and may not be easy to pronounce at a glance, use your middle name or a common name you go by.
    • Email Address
    • Home Address
    • Phone number
    • List out your skills
    • Work experience
    • Education/ other qualifications
  2. Job Sites: Depending on the kind of job you are searching for, most countries have designated job sites where employers put up jobs for people to send in applications. One job site that is popular in various countries is . Because of its wide coverage, it should be one of the first sites you visit when looking for a job (either casual or full time). Also is another job site that currently operates in 18 countries some of which include; Australia, New Zealand, China, South East Asia, Brazil, Mexico, Bangladesh and certain countries in Africa. However, some countries have local job sites and finding these sites should be a priority for new migrants. In Australia, especially to find casual jobs, the go-to website is gumtree.
  3. Face-to-Face Applications: This is one of the fastest ways to get a job especially if you’re looking for casual work. As a new migrant, one of the major issues you have is getting reference but if you know exactly what job you want to apply for, you can prepare your resume tailored to that specific job, make as many copies of your resume as you can and go to the establishments that offer the kind of jobs you want. Introduce yourself properly at every company, state your purpose and ask if there is any vacancy in the position you’re searching for. If you get a negative answer, leave them your resume and ask them to contact you if anything comes up. This is a very effective method of job searching because sometimes, you meet the recruiters directly and get a spot for an interview, other times, the employers get to see you and have a conversation with you before an actual interview is scheduled. This approach also shows that you are a proactive individual.
  4. Networking: This is also another effective method of searching for a job. Meeting people and maintaining a relationship with them could lead to referrals. While it is advisable to build professional connections, networking with people that have similar interests or understand how the system works in the country you are helps you integrate better. The earlier you get settled in, the quicker you can start your job searching process. One of the major sites for networking mostly for professional reasons is LinkedIn. You can start connecting with people of similar interests as you or with mentors in your field. Also attending events organised bu certain organisations can help you meet people. Some of the events open to the public are listed on Facebook Events.
  5. Recruitment Agencies: Most companies employ the services of a recruitment agency to fill vacant positions. As a new migrant with certain qualifications and skills, look out for the recruitment agencies in your country of residence and pay them a visit to submit your resume for job considerations (this approach is more advisable and often yields more results) or sign up to their website and provide them the necessary information that makes you employable. Also, make sure you upload your resume/CV in the appropriate format.

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